First holiday WOD at new location. Weather was alil gloomy leading up to the weekend. So uncertain the turn out. Last true weekend before school started for all the members with kids and our teachers. Didn't think too many people would be showing up, maybe 8-12. NOPE! boy was I wrong. 37 athletes covered the mats and turf as everyone was scattered about seeing faces that only come in the AM and then those who only come in the PM. Good times to see everyone talk about either their summer ending or beginning of fall plans.

As I stood back to think what I could possibly come up with for this huge group, to not only work them, but to not have too much equipment out and about. Figured had to be a fun team WOD so they can work together and communicate. Harmony at its finest. Ladies with ladies and gents with gents.


20min AMRAP (Team of 4)

150 Power Cleans/one partner has to hold KB locked out OH

300 Box Jumps/partner has to hold GOB squat

150 Push Press

*Girls 120 calories on Rower/Guys 150 calories.

This kept people working together and moving around. These photos don't do it justice, but a great group tackled this WOD to the final second. Best part few got into the second round. But those who didn't finish with only a few reps left. They continued to work to complete the task at hand. Not only that others cheered and pushed them too finish! If thats not 425 love not sure what is..... 

Heres to many many many more fun WODs!!!