There is so much to say about one person when you've seen them for almost 5+ years. You see their kids grow up. You see them from being the quiet person who came in and got their work done and left. To someone who has shared many many stories that you just scratch your head and think, "Theres no way he did that?" Someone who I would say has the best crossfit style in the gym. (Yes, even better than me) Well, if you haven't had a chance to ask the guy a few off the wall questions now is the time. 

Ray Jose, has been with CrossFit 425 and the 3 boxes we've gone through. He was there for every move and one of the first of many to offer his help. This just begins to describe the one and only "Quite Boy." Ray's background is intense. From serving our country to being Goofy at Disney World (If not Goofy, one of the Disney characters) Yes, this guy was a character who amazed kids on site and sweated his a$$ in the hot Orlando sun in that costume. Funny to think years and years later he does the same thing for us. He amazes us with what he does in our box as well be that guy people will comfortable talk too and joke with. Although quiet, his voice packs a punch. I will say it right now and put it on the record. This guy is NEVER, I repeat NEVER late for a class. If anything he is 20-30 minutes early rolling out and warming up prior to class. 

Ray on a daily basis approaches the class I feel a different way each time. There are days he kills the lifts and attacks each heavy lift to set a PR every time he's under a bar. And mind you these are bars and weights HE'S purchased and left at the gym. From a 400+lbs weight set as well as two olympic bars. He doesn't mess around. Back to his work ethic, other days, even though he's stated, "#Ih8cardio" on his CF425 hoodie, he challenges himself whether it be sprints, D/U's, or long runs. He knows if he pushes that, his lifting may suffer a little from his rest. But he still takes pride in the WODs he works at.

Brent, his evening trainer quoted saying, "Ray has been dedicated to CrossFit 425, spending the years improving his skills and representing CF425 in a number of competitions." He's done not only solo comps but has been a particapaint of team comps. When talking with Brent about Ray, he mentions, "... his participation in the CF425 community has been not only helpful, but also important to improving the camaraderie of the box."

Brenda our floating trainer who is everywhere says, "He's the first one to help out a new person as well as challenge a veteran member. He makes us all bring our A game to the gym because he's always pushing us to be the best." I think we can all agree to this when referring to Ray. Brenda said it best, "Ray makes me proud to be a coach and member at CF425."

In closing, I as a trainer/owner love the fact we have a Ray in our box. Every gym has THAT person in their box and Ray is one for the taking. He comes in never complains, always willing to help out, loves pushing the limits every time he approaches his workouts. And the one thing I admire, is that he knows when his body needs a rest. I mean, age isn't nothing but a number, but he turned 50 years young last month (sorry buddy) and is still throwing around heavy weight like he's 25. If you wanna know about a true warrior, or someone who keeps on fighting even when aches and pains start to slow you down. Talk to Ray. CF425 wants to give you a special thanks for being who you are and a salute to all the hard work you have brought forth. Athlete/Member of the Month, Ray Jose.