Saturdays are always that day you ask yourself, "Hmmm, do I have one more day in me. I've made it 3-5 days this week. Why not one more." Well if you haven't been around the CF425 community you know saturdays are a fun (if you wanna call it that) grind with everyone in the gym. Whether its a fun start up active play of volleyball, dodgeball, pizza delivery boy/girl or relay challenges. It's truly 50min or so of running around working. With that being said we encourage our members to bring family or friends to join in on the fun. Is this a true representation of CrossFit? Not necessarily, but we still do CrossFit movements, review proper form and encourage to give it your all. The true difference is we don't focus on strength/skill like we do M-F. Think of it as more of a great endurance push. Example:

25min AMRAP

400m Team Run

60 Wall Balls

50 Team Burpees 

40 Box Jumps

30 Syncronized push ups

20 Relay Sprints

It's all about everyone pushing each other and making sure none of your teammates fall behind. Nobody ever weakens or slows down the team, everyone finds a way to keep everyone confident and moving forward. So if you wanna have a fun but challenging Saturday come check us out.