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If you're a local football fan, you will likely remember our lead trainer Braxton Cleman as the starting running back for the University of Washington in their 2001 Rose Bowl win over Purdue. Braxton has directed his love of sports and fitness toward helping others improve their fitness.

Braxton takes pride in programming innovative workouts that are fun and challenging  people of all ages and fitness levels. Aside from playing high school and collegiate sports, he's been in the fitness/training field for 10 years and counting and enjoys working with all different type of athletes. Braxton can be quite the wise-crack, but not to worry its always in good fun. He enjoys going to movies and hanging with his two boys, Tayo and Oscar. 

At CrossFit 425, Braxton wants you to be the best athlete you can be. Whether its achieving your first pull up, or stringing together 5 double unders. He just wants to see you work hard and challenge yourself and walk away knowing you did everything you are capable of doing. Pushing you out of your comfort zone is what he loves. You will hear him say at least once, "Its not how you start, but how you finish." 

We hope you take advantage of the opportunity to join Braxton and his team at CrossFit425. You can be sure that he and all of our staff are up to the task of helping you meet your goals in an environment that will keep you wanting to come back for more!



Brent brings to CrossFit425 his 15-plus years of dedication and commitment in the field of personal fitness, strength and conditioning. The CrossFit system aligns well with his training philosophy of combining functionality and intensity in every workout. Brent believes in preventing injury through education while helping his clients achieve their fitness goals.

Brent has a bachelor's degree in exercise science from Western Washington University. When he's not working at CrossFit425, he enjoys snowboarding, rugby and fishing.

Professional Affiliations: CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) through NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine).



As both an original owner and trainer, I have been involved with opening the doors of our gym at every location. From the spring of 2010 through our latest move this past summer of 2016., I've truly enjoyed being part of the "425" community. In watching our family change and grow over the years, hands down, the best thing about CrossFit 425 is the people and the way we come together to help each other out. We have built something truly meaningful and special! 

One of my most vivid memories was FINALLY learning how to do kipping pull-ups, accomplished while doing "Cindy". I had gotten so tired of getting in and out of that band for 5 pull-ups that I finally said "forget it" and just did it! It felt absolutely amazing. 

When I'm not here, you can find me Issaquah High School where I teach a CrossFit class in addition to cooking and drivers ed classes. I also live in Issaquah with my husband, Brandon and our daughter, Blake. I was one of the many mothers here at 425 that continued working out throughout my entire pregnancy and delivered a beautiful, healthy baby. Nothing like being a proud CrossFit Mama!



The Official CrossFit 425 Mascots 

Tayo (Brindle) and Oscar (White) are very sweet, outgoing and loving dogs. They listen to their Dad very well and stay clear from any and all gym activity. Only when enticed with a rear end scratch or belly rub will they get in the play area. there are brothers are inseparable and happy to greet you at the door anytime.

Tayo "The Wise One" enjoys laying in the sun, even if that means  finding a sunny spot in the middle of the parking lot. Long walks on the beach aren't his favorite activity, but finding a good tree or bush will make his day. He loves jumping on and off the boxes in the gym, so watch out. He gets along with all furry friends except cats (puppy incident that has scarred him for life). Tayo is great with kids and loves people of all ages. Bring him a treat and he'll be your friend for life. Stop by and give this guy a shake, knuckles or double high five. Yes, he knows them all!

Oscar "The Young Lad". He will do anything his older brother does. He's a follower, but one that still manages to march to his own drum. Oscar enjoys pressing his luck to see what he can get away with. Whether it be an extra scratch behind the ears, or a pet on the head. His number one spot is his back end. You scratch there, he will sit on your foot until you politely ask him to move. He enjoys laying with his brother, if not on top of him. Sitting and observing what everyone is doing and shedding non stop is his favorite past time. He will play with dogs and kids, and doesn't mean harm but sniffs so much he may give you an accidental, harmless nudge. Oscar loves attention so come on by and show him some love!

Unfortunately we lost Oscar due to his heart complications in March of 2017. He will always be remembered and never forgotten.

Not to replace him, but to allow Tayo to play his big brother role... there will be a pup in the future real soon :)